Our educational strategy emphasizes the belief that professional, effective training is the key to achieving maximum productivity. We are dedicated to providing quality, flexible training that results in effective computer usage therefore yielding the greatest return on the clients initial investment in computer technology.



Our commitment is to obtain complete client satisfaction. We stand by our training 100%. If any student cannot apply their classroom experience to their current work environment, they may take the course again - FREE!



Willis Computing Specialists, Inc. is located at 4105 Colleen Drive, Suite C21, Champaign, Illinois 61822. We have a 1,000 sq. ft., training facility which is equipped with state of the art PC's, set up on a LAN running Windows, Linux & Macintosh OSs. We provide computer application software training and consulting services to companies and individuals in the Greater Mid-Western United States. We have fast turnaround times and cater to our clients' work schedules and project deadlines.



Our current clients range from individuals to small through large businesses, including a variety of state and other government agencies in Illinois, St. Louis, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. We are competitively priced and we focus on timely and efficient work to fulfill your computing needs.



The most important element to providing effective training is the ability to adapt the solution to the clients needs and schedules. We have positioned ourselves to offer training in virtually any environment with a variety of presentation styles.



The proof of our performance is in our critiques. Every student is asked to complete a course evaluation to monitor class quality. We are proud of our record, and offer the opportunity for every potential client to review our past evaluations. In fact, we are so confident that our clients have such positive things to say about us, that names and phones numbers are available upon request.